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High impact reflection prompts

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Is it time to do a self check in?

Can you make a couple of small modifications to make the most of this year?

Ask yourselves these 3 prompts and take action where you need to…

💡 What is the one thing I can do in the next week that would make my life easier for the rest of the year?

💡 What 1 new experiences would make this the best year ever?

💡 What person can I spend more time with this year with that would enhance my knowledge, expertise, performance and fun?

Happy days ahead.

Want more?

Here are another 10 high impact reflection prompts

Reflection and journaling are all helpful tools when you are planning for your future, to consider your learnings and to dig deeper into what drives you. Here are some interesting prompts to get you reflecting and thinking this year and deciding on what actions to take next.

  • What is your breakthrough goal? What would you like to accomplish—that may look impossible, right now—but if it were achieved would change everything?

  • When my life was going really well (in whichever category you want to focus on), what was I doing every day? (What daily habits and rituals was I doing?)

  • What 1-3 achievements will make this the best year ever?

  • Where are you operating out of integrity?

  • What have you made a commitment to that you have not really committed to?

  • What people places and habits drain you of energy and what will you do about this?

  • What are you waiting for to go away before you act?

  • Do you know someone who is getting the results you want? How can you connect with them?

  • What are the three biggest reasons your life, business or impact isn’t yet where you want it to be?

  • What is the problem you really solve for your clients or people you lead?

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