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Find your why / Ikigai / Purpose

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Simon Sinek is very well known for his phrase...Find your why. His view is that if we know what drives us we can achieve more than we ever imagined.

Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the soul) states: "If you want to be fulfilled, happy, content, and experience inner peace and ultimate fulfillment, it’s critical that you learn how to find your passion and life purpose."

Purpose driven work out powers almost every time.

Check out these 3 tools to help you find your why and become more settled or even passionate about what you do and why.

  1. Ikigai

  2. Ted Talk - Find your purpose - Adam Leipzig

  3. Jack Canfield - find your purpose

1. Ikigai

Ikigai, The Japanese secret for a Long and Happy Life.

Ikigai translates as a reason to live or a reason to jump out of bed in the morning'. Therefore, finding your ikigai is considered the key to longevity - and to happiness.

How to use Ikigai

This is a tool that allows you to assess your future career and life aspirations against four considerations:

· Mission - What the world needs

· Profession - What you are good at

· Vocation - What you can be paid for

· Passion - what you love

When you can identify each of these four components - you may find the intersection leads you to purpose or reason for being or as a minimum the kind of work you will find that is more fulfilling.

Your Ikigai

To find your Ikigai – complete the following chart.

  • Mission - What I think the world needs

e.g. Leaders who are clear about their vision, people who can make stuff happen, people who will stand up for the rights of those that cannot for themselves

  • Profession - What I am good at

  • Vocation - What I can be paid for

  • Passion - what I love

Are there intersecting ideas that you can develop up as your Ikigai?

2. How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes - Adam Leipzig (Ted Talk)

This one is 10 years old but it is a goodie. 5 mins to find your purpose.

Adam talks about how privileged and so called successful people were unhappy.

They had their first house and their second house.

Their first spouse and their second spouse....and 80% of them were unhappy with their lives

Try out his 5 question method

Who are you?

What do you do?

Who do you do it for?

What do they want or need?

How do they change as a result?

Notice that only 2 are about yourself the others are about other people/ external facing

3. Jack Canfield - Find Your Purpose

Some people enjoy Jacks more "inspirational" style. In this link Jack covers all you need to know about why purpose is important and how to find yours.

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