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Obtaining your senior leadership role or career step takes some savvy preparation.

Competition is tough at the top.

This coaching helps you to develop a career plan including finding your next role or career move, understanding how you are wired, CV and LinkedIn review and preparing for interviews.


If you are ready for the next step in your career, doing a career check-in can help you define what this may look like and ensure you are prepared for when those opportunities arise.

In this fast paced 2 session check-in we will cover:

1. A debrief of your Myers Briggs personality assessment (that you do prior to the coaching session) so you can understand how you are wired and fired and the styles of work where you will naturally excel.

2. A review of your CV with suggestions for any redesign that may be needed.

3. A review of your LinkedIn profile and how to enhance this.

4. Help crafting a list of key people to connect with.

5. Coaching on what the next steps may look like for you.


Follow up sessions are available to help with interview preparation ($295)

(Prices are exclusive of gst)

Leeanne Carson-Hughes | LCH Coaching
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