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Organisations can gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the combined power of their leadership teams where the senior leaders focus on both an enterprise view and delivering on their functional opportunities.

Our bespoke First Team programme will accelerate the development of your First Team advantage.


The First Team Mindset is a development programme that utilises 5 steps.

Step 1: EXPLORE - Explore the First team concept to see if it is right for your organisation. There is a short 3 minute You Tube video you can watch for a quick overview or read Patrick’s books or book summaries: The five dysfunctions of a team and The Advantage.

Step 2: CONSIDER - If you are the CE or Executive leader, consider if your leadership team is at optimal enterprise performance or if there is value to be had by further developing a cohesive First Team.

Step 3: DISCUSS: Get it on the agenda. Have an open and honest team discussion. Either you lead it or get me in as a skilled facilitator who can hold the space for these conversations.

**I will provide an overview of the evidence and reasoning and help your leadership team decide if Enterprise Leadership is a valuable tool for your organisation.
From $2000+

Step 4: ASSESS: if the team are committed, next do an exploratory assessment of your current “First Team” state. This is best done independently and may utilise interviews and team-based assessments.

**I will interview the team members and undertake a team based assessment. This will give you a strong base line to both understand your current state and to help design the team development plan
From $7500+

Step 5: DESIGN & IMPLEMENT: Design and implement a future state development plan based on this assessment and get on with leading your organisation!

**Lets work together on a development plan. This will likely involve a range of interventions from workshops, specialist training, books/podcasts to consume and review as a team and individual coaching sessions.
Design from $3500+

Leeanne Carson-Hughes | LCH Coaching
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